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3d代试机号走势图founded in 2002 in foshan, china, trelink is an antenna solutions manufacturer that specializes in the design and manufacturing of communication antennas.  we manufacturers antennas from 400 mhz to 5.8 ghz for applications such as all 802.11, 3g cellular gsm/ cdma, 4g lte, wifi, ,wimax, ism, uhf, vhf,rfid and much more.

3d代试机号走势图trelink has been in the wireless communication industry for over 15 years . we have grown and evolved over the years, along with the industry. we take great pride in offering high quality antennas as well as excellent customer service.  we are here to serve you

Our Advantage


we offer our customers from around the world to maintain a very good communication and product support services.


our long-term cooperation with the world's leading logistics and express companies, ensure the goods delivered in the shortest time.


to provide a quick reliable, responsive and cost effective service, in order to meet the needs of our service users.


abundant experience in research & development ,production & sales


3d代试机号走势图supply oem&odm service,we can customize products based on customer needs


to satisfy customers and always to be the best are what we pursue


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